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When summer is on us and we're overflowing with tomatoes and peppers, salsa is the answer!  Put the peppers and tomatoes on the grill with a few onions, cool, clean your pepper seeds and stems, put 3/4 of pepper and onions in the blender and chopping the rest.  I also like to add fresh onions, if I have them.  So, chopping the balance with some cilantro, mix it all together with some true pink salt in a large bowl.  I recommend refrigerating overnight to let all the flavors combine.   There are so many variations of Salsa.  If you (a current SSCG gardener) have one to share, head over to the RECIPE area of the Gardener Forum.


There are so many combinations of fruit, vegetable and herb juicing, and all of them are delicious.  It's recommended that juice content be 80% herbs and vegetables and 20% something sweet.  The dark red juice you see here is made of beets, parsley, apple and cucumber.  The middle orange juice has a base of carrots and green grape and ginger.

Sauted Vegetables!

Here is a yellow squash, onion and broccoli stir fry with avocado oil and a little sea salt and ground pepper. If you have left-overs, maybe put them in an omelette the next day.  

"There is nothing better than being in charge of what I eat, from seed to table." 


This is chamomile flower.  If you've never known the difference between fresh tea and stale, you will when you try this tea. Chamomile plants are perennials and the prettiest little bushes.  


When I was a kid, we canned everything.  Canning was built into my summers like it couldn't be any other way.  I thought everyone had a garden (except the shiny people in the city) and canning was the natural byproduct for anything that couldn't be kept in a root cellar.  Our basement was huge and split into two parts.  One part held a room size burning stove that heated the entire house (my dad was an experimenter) with cords of wood.  The other side held rows of two by four shelves, set up like a grocery store and they were filled by the end of fall.  Honestly, when I was a kid I would have given anything to not do any of this.  How I longed for the life of a city girl.  I spent so much time gnashing my teeth over my plight, I didnt note with any great impression the steps to canning.  You can can your garden production and one day, someone with more knowledge than this author, will write it here.  


If you're into hiking, backpacking and camping, dehydration might be for you.  


One of the easiest, most delicious uses of garden produce is a large salad.  This is just one example.  What did I use? Tiny yellow tomatoes, zucchini, cucumber and spinach.  I added some mushrooms, goat cheese and seeds.  Yum!  

Here's a pretty amazing salad dressing, courtesy of Lori on the Eastside.

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