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For more than two decades, SSCG has been a perpetually functioning public garden.  Our primary mission is gardening organically and gathering and feeding the Longmont community--regardless of ability:  physically or financially. People of all ages, new and experienced gardeners, grow their own vegetables, flowers and herbs.

Wisdom and knowledge is shared freely among membership, work is shared and excess produce is shared with the greater community. This organization is completely volunteer based.


Nearly all work at the garden is done by this diverse membership 

from nearly every neighborhood within Longmont.  (For more about Longmont, look here!)

Participants learn to cocreate in a communal environment, deepening their gardening knowledge and relationship to the earth and each other.  We learn how to work with pests organically in the long game, how to tend to soil, how to work things out with the plants and each other.  There are always opportunities to develop leadership skills, contribute or learn about a specific expertise or sharing of resources in a win-win for the members, the garden and the community.

Founded in 1996, a vision beginning with Keith Williamson (and many others), the Second Start Community Garden is a flourishing, communal organic garden located in Longmont, Colorado.  Today, the garden has blossomed to include a second garden area, an orchard, bee hives, established grape vines, berry bushes, herb gardens, a shade garden and play areas for children--all common areas benefitting everyone.


In this garden, there are many life long gardeners.  On this page, we hope to interview these gardeners, so their wisdom can be spread.


Thank you and we'll see you in the garden!


New Gardener Registration begins March 08, 2024 

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