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Equal only to

plot fees is the importance of work share.  Your contribution matters so much.  Get your 8 workshare hours in early and you'll be glad to have them finished before the high summer sun is on us.  

Pull weeds you see

in the paths and in the community plots and beds (Don't forget to log your hours so they count toward your work-share time!)

Wear a good sun hat and breathable clothes.  And bring ice cold water with you.  You're welcome.  

There's planting

& growing season & that's all fun, but don't forget soil preparation before planting & in the fall, when we clean up & winter over our plots. 

Synthetic fertilizers degrade soil quality and are prohibited in the Second Start garden.

Composting is one of the most important aspects of amending your garden soil.   It is of utmost importance to do this correctly so it can break down  to provide necessary nutrients  & microbes for growing  fruits & vegetables.

If you're having trouble keeping up, for whatever reason, reach out.  We want to help.   

Get to know your neighbors, especially the ones right around your plot.  You may need help and they may need your help, plus good times!

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